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It’s the year 2015 and corporate ace, Jason Lange made a decision to leave the rat-race. He steps down to a less stressful position as Managing Director of the McNichols Farm Implements factory in the rural town of Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. He wanted a more normal and routine life – instead he finds himself in the middle of an al-Qaeda terrorist plot that is designed to dwarf the September 11 attacks.

The al-Qaeda organization has been diminished in its effectiveness and has a trail of unsuccessful attempts on United States security. In addition they suffered from the capture and death of their leader, Osama Bin Laden. A new leader has emerged who is not as well-known but just as evil; Nasi Ahsan continued the false impression of al-Qaeda being a non-entity. The reality of al-Qaeda’s strength and Ahsan’s virility differs drastically from the propaganda that they have conjured and controlled.

Enter an exceptionally brilliant intelligence analyst working for the Department of Homeland Security, Teddy Brewer, who begins to assemble the pieces of a worldwide al-Qaeda operation code named Sky Burst.

If successful, the al-Qaeda plan will cripple five major non-Muslim countries and bring the global economy to its knees.