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Life Imitates Art…Again

If you’ve read previous blogs or anything about Deadly Beliefs you know that the basic premise is that al-Qaeda is intentionally botching attacks on the US to have our intelligence forces discount their effectiveness and pay less attention to them. Meanwhile they are planning a monumental world-wide attack aimed at five non-Muslim countries. In my […]

Lone Wolves and al-Qaeda

Although my book discusses the threat of al-Qaeda’s cell system, there is a growing popular belief that the next big attack from the terrorist franchise will come via independent, “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks – acting by themselves or with a very small group of two or three. Immediately after the Boston bombings, news broke regarding the […]

Four Stages of Life

In the Islam religion they identify four distinct life stages: Life in the womb. Life in the world. Life in the grave. Life in the next life.   Life in the Womb Islamic Law (AKA Sharia) clearly states that the fetus has rights and, for the most part, Muslims stand against Roe v. Wade. I […]