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Terrorist Recruiting in the US

Al-Shabab, a Somalia based radical Muslim terrorist group, has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. CBS is reporting 71 victims but the death toll is expected to increase as the rubble is cleared. The attacks were specifically targeted at non-Muslims – in the words of al-Shabab they “carried out […]

Jefferson’s Quran

The lies that have been dispersed by the White House have been widely publicized. Although they have been ever-present with Mr. Obama since he first appeared in the national presidential campaign in 2008, they have increased in both frequency and intensity as we near the launch date of Obama Care on October 1st. Even the […]

Sample Chapters

Deadly Beliefs has gained momentum as word spreads about the exciting and timely storyline. Another comment that pops up regularly is that the story is fast paced in short chapters – an easy read. Hopefully, while being entertained, the reader learns about the religion and ideology of Islam. There are several new comments from readers in […]

The Growth of Islam

I picked up a great little book called The Ambassador’s Guide to Islam by Alan Shlemon that provides a concise (the book is only 64 pages) narrative on the Muslim religion and how best to approach our Muslim brothers in dialogue. He states that “an estimated 70% of Muslim’s are nominal” – that means that […]