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Another Day, Another Jihad Plot in America

Brigitte Gabriel is one of the leading terrorism experts in the world and the founder and CEO of  ACT! for America which is the only grassroots organization dedicated to national security and terrorism.  We have over 875 chapters across the country and 279,000 members. To learn more about this organization visit their website. Brigitte’s blog from […]

Sample Chapters

Deadly Beliefs has gained momentum as word spreads about the exciting and timely storyline. Another comment that pops up regularly is that the story is fast paced in short chapters – an easy read. Hopefully, while being entertained, the reader learns about the religion and ideology of Islam. There are several new comments from readers in […]

Life Imitates Art…Again

If you’ve read previous blogs or anything about Deadly Beliefs you know that the basic premise is that al-Qaeda is intentionally botching attacks on the US to have our intelligence forces discount their effectiveness and pay less attention to them. Meanwhile they are planning a monumental world-wide attack aimed at five non-Muslim countries. In my […]

Lone Wolves and al-Qaeda

Although my book discusses the threat of al-Qaeda’s cell system, there is a growing popular belief that the next big attack from the terrorist franchise will come via independent, “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks – acting by themselves or with a very small group of two or three. Immediately after the Boston bombings, news broke regarding the […]

Beware of Using Actual People in Fiction

I learned a valuable lesson in fiction while writing Deadly Beliefs. One of my sources of information was a retired consultant to Homeland Security. He was extremely careful and never divulged sensitive information but he was helpful in pointing me to un-classified whenever he could without violating his clearances. In one of our morning coffee […]