Character Development

Since Deadly Beliefs is my first attempt at fiction, part of the purpose of this web site and blog will be to share my experiences and chronicle my first dive into the literary world. One of the tips I picked up reading about writing is what many authors do to help them with their character development. This section of the web site will take you deeply into that process. Each of the character groups are identified and by clicking on a character’s name/image you can pull up the “character bios” that have been developed for all but the insignificant characters found in Deadly Beliefs. These images are not presented to give you a visual of the characters – I encourage you to use your imagination during your reading to do that. These images are presented to demonstrate to you the process that helped me during the writing.

More information of my character development will be presented in my blog. I encourage you to sign up for my RSS feeds so you are notified when new material is posted. You will find this blog to be very active and will include information about the mechanics of writing, my experiences as a first-time novelist, information about the Muslim and Christian faiths and general musings from my life. Thanks for reading this far and I hope you stay with me as this journey unfolds.