This one is definitely on my recommended reading list by Diana L. – Amazon 5 Stars - April 1, 2014 – This book drew me in from page one. When I look back now after finishing this read, what impressed me the most overall was the author’s ability to put me there- right next to each character.  The story is realistically written. Chilling to the core with suspense yet also allowing us to see the personal side of characters in the story. I liked this book a lot and I think a big part of why was due to the author’s ability to weave a story that is detailed, realistic and left me thinking about it after I finished the book. Impressed by this author and really liked this book.


Wow .. !!, By BBarnes  - Amazon 5 Stars - April 3, 2014 - I love a good intriguing story like this one , I approached it with some level of caution, because I thought it would be somewhat like the rest in it’s category. Now I am feeling pleasantly guilty, yes the author obviously gave this book all that was needed to make it into a future classic, making perfect use of the realism of terrorists and the fear of an attack at any time. I loved it all the way through. Masterfully written I must say.


Very entertaining By M. A. – Amazon 5 Stars - April 3, 2014 - Captivating in every sense and totally natural, Rod Huff has to be commended for this work of art. No time for relaxing as the craziness or likeliness there of hits the roof in this fascinating book. There are some books that just take you away without you even realizing ,and this is definitely one. I loved every minute of it, a must read for any avid reader looking for a solid book.

Original and Refreshing!!!  By Peter S. – Amazon 5 Stars  on March 10, 2014 – The story as narrated by Rod is captivating, insightful and masterfully done. The background has been built on a great kernel of truth that is the spiritual, physical and mental war humanity is being sold on. The flow is amazing with well-researched facts that blend in nicely with the ideological drama that evolves in this great page-turner. As I have many friends that are Muslims, I was really intrigued to find how well this book delivers on facts. I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a great espionage, suspenseful read!!!

A Rollicking Good Read By Emma Parker – Amazon 5 Stars  on February 22, 2014 – Holy cow I hope none of this comes true and if does all those dooms day preppers are going to be the smart ones, instead of the crazy’s. Geopolitics under the microscope and the west has a virus It doesn’t know about. Finally a modern-day do or die book I can sink my teeth into. Some may need extra intestinal fortitude to digest the worrisome plots. A rollicking good read.

Deadly Good By Michael Gagnon – Amazon 5 Stars  on February 19, 2014 – Original and intriguing, Rod Huffs Deadly Beliefs is taut with ideological drama. This book gives readers a real first hand feeling of being stuck not only in a physical war, but a spiritual war between Christian and Muslim societies. Thick with suspense and steeped in geopolitical insights, Deadly Beliefs is the book for any fan of realistic stories of espionage and terror.

Finally Something Refreshing AND Riveting By Nikki – Amazon 5 Stars  on February 5, 2014 – I loved this story! Just after the first few pages I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Every turn was planned out successfully as the author appears to know a lot about the issues in the Middle East and portrays a story that really is terrifying to think of- Especially IF it actually ever happened. I was also inspired to read this novel due to the fact that the subject is that of a topic most people don’t want to discuss- as with politics and religion, it’s almost down right taboo! So I commend the author for “going there” and creating something extraordinaire. Great read and highly appropriate for people that are in need of something riveting with a splash of suspense!

Captivating! By Dana Mitchell – Amazon 5 Stars  on February 5, 2014 – In a time when America and the rest of the world fear for their safety from terrorists, comes the perfect novel based on a “what if” premise. The author has thoroughly done his research and not only does this book come packed with knowledge and information about the Islamic culture, but his writing is intriguing with just enough detail to keep you hooked and on edge. I’ve always enjoyed suspenseful stories with end of the world type scenarios and Deadly Beliefs, projects just that. I definitely recommend Huff’s novel to anyone looking for a page turner and not a putter-downer.

A Lively Book Entitled Deadly Beliefs By Jason Brueckner – Amazon 4 Stars  on January 29, 2014 – Business executive turned author-of-an-incredible-thriller (and husband of over 41 years!), Rod Huff has taken a relevantly terrifying topic and allowed his readers to sit dead-center in the midst of the story. If you have an interest of the ongoing situation between the States and the Middle East, and you like a solid “page-turner” novel, than I would encourage you to pick up Huff’s newest book … DEADLY BELIEFS. **Ahem… hint, hint… I heard there is a sequel to be on the lookout for as well** [see the closing pages of Deadly Beliefs]

Top Rate Thriller By D Hawksworth – Amazon 5 Stars on January 29, 2014 – What an exciting and suspenseful story! Terrorism and politics throughout. I really did enjoy the writing style which is slightly different than the standard fare. I was engrossed in the story after 20 pages and read it pretty quickly. Some of the twists and turns were brilliant. I would definitely read more by this author – he seems to really know his stuff. Looking forward to the next one.

Great Plot And Well Written By alexifa – Amazon 5 Stars on January 29, 2014 – This is a really fast paced thriller and the structure of the chapters is well designed to keep you hooked and wanting to know what happens next. By the time you get halfway in you can’t book the book down until you’ve got to the end. It’s well researched and has a lot of interesting technical information as well as a great insight into Muslim beliefs. A genuine page turner this is highly recommended.

Mike Tucker, Author Review – Amazon 4 Stars  The novel opens with a Prologue that takes place at Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound the night of the night of the Navy Seal assault. A secret tunnel allows the escape of Nasi Ahsan, Bin Laden’s closest associate, and this escape enables al-Qaeda continue forward with the long planned Operation Sky Burst.

Mr. Huff tells a tale of intrigue, espionage, sabotage, and murder, as al-Qaeda operatives race to complete tasks that will wreak havoc on five continents and turn modern civilizations into Stone Age societies for the sake of Islamic domination. A huge cast of characters takes the reader from fortified caves in Afghanistan to New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., rural Pennsylvania, and Nashville.

Like a Tom Clancy novel, the reader is treated to an array of technological warfare, and a bonus: a look inside the spiritual conflict that drives the War on Terror. The author provides insight on the motivation of religious terrorists. Through his characters we see the battle for men’s souls and the contrast between Islam and Christianity.

To help the reader through this character-laden novel, Mr. Huff provides a useful Character List in the front of the book. A wise reader will make a copy of that page to have in hand while reading the story. Another clever idea by the author was to post images of his fictional characters on his website. By clicking on the image the reader will open a bio page of that character revealing a backstory for each player.

 Acker – Amazon 5 Stars  I have not enjoyed a book this much in a VERY long time. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat by presenting the book in 100 or so very short but riveting chapters that switch back and forth from location to location as the book’s multi-layered plot develops — the effect will both keep you guessing and keep you reading as your adrenaline and maybe even your blood pressure rise! It’s obvious that a great deal of research and character development were done. I felt as if I could see the characters’ faces and expressions along with their environments. As I read the book, I could easily imagine it being done some day as a screenplay. Now all I have to do is somehow find a way to wait for the sequel. Bravo, Rod Huff!

Dave Beahm – Amazon 5 Stars  Wow… I look forward to your next suspense story! Could not set it down! Thrilling and very entertaining from the beginning!

Jerry Park – Amazon 5 Stars  Huff, a first time novelist, shows he knows how to build the story, one intriguing step at a time. Then, those last 50 pages you’re hanging on for dear life. I stayed up much later than I intended….

Anonymous – Barnes & Nobles 5 Stars  Great read. I am not much of a reader but the subject matter and location pulled me in. I am from Nashville where much of the action takes place. Quick chapters made it easy to read. Its uncanny how the author gets the facts and the al-Qaeda info that is very current. There has been mosque controversy right here in Nashville. I hope there is a sequel book.

Anonymous – Barnes & Nobles 5 Stars  Suspenseful and thrilling the whole way through.  Every chapter leaves you wanting more and the shorter chapters make it a quick read.  Looking forward to more novels by this author.

Debbie Hagler Hames Facebook – Read your book. Could not put it down!!!

 Carolyn Helms Facebook – Rod, just finished Deadly Beliefs, got to a point I could not put it down so off to the pool every chance I had to read. Now ready for Book Two.!!! loved all the historic quotes before each chapter. learned a lot and well worth reading.

Nell Bell Email – I have just finished reading your book.  Thanks so much for writing this look.  I learned a lot about how Muslins operate.  I have friends that will want to buy the book.  Is it for sale in any stores or how do they order?  God Bless you.

Bob King Email – Just finished Deadly Beliefs.  Great vacation read.  Nice work Rod.

David Breazeale Email – Read your book recently while on vacation – I enjoyed it greatly!

Mary Morinec Verbally – Read your book twice and have my husband reading it now. It stuck with me and I can’t get it out of my head.

Marsha Soult Facebook – I finished the book.  It was outstanding.  What a good job you did!!  A real thriller from start to finish.  Your style was exceptionally good – the quotes at the beginning of each section; the short, easy to read sections; the double spacing; the font size; everything was so well- thought out and executed.  You are so talented.

Tammy Flores – Goodreads 5 Stars – I loved this book. I didn’t want to put it down but with other things I had to do I had to. I really didn’t know much about the Islam background but very intersting to learn about it. I wanted to know what was happening next and just didn’t want to put down. It is a page turner.

Tim H – Goodreads 5 Stars – Great book! It is a page turner right through the end!

Ddroberts4753 – Goodreads 5 Stars – Great book for readers of all interests. It is a quick and interesting read with excellent background information on the Muslim faith. The variety of the many characters and side-stories makes you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next. I can’t wait until Rod Huff writes another one.

David Caldwell Facebook -Hey I absolutely enjoyed your book! Great book Rod! I bought it on Amazon to read on my Kindle. When is the next one out?

Richard Green Email – Well, my friend, I finally finished your book and I want you to know that I think it is terrific.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I believe that you can really be a great writer.  Very intelligently written, very well ordered.  So happy for you!

Phil Venable Email – I finished Deadly Beliefs yesterday. Great book! Easy read, great plot, interesting characters, attention grabbing…what else can I say!



You’ve got to love this! Rod Huff has given us a page turner with a purpose.
Mike Glenn, Author, Senior Pastor Brentwood Baptist Church

Rod Huff is very effectively helping the reader to know more about the Muslim extremists in this novel. As a former Muslim, I highly recommend this book for all Christians. It will put the reader on edge because of the way it is written.
Christ Follower, Former Muslim

The intricate components of this terrorism-themed plot are well thought out and expertly executed, with many rich, well-rounded characters. I encourage you to read this remarkable book and then order a few more copies as gifts for your family and friends.
Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D., Bestselling Author & Former Chaplain for NBA Washington Bullets 

In this timely book, Deadly Beliefs, Rod Huff has created a suspenseful masterpiece replete with compelling characters and intuitive insight into the Muslim world. Huff offers this intriguing look at the potential threat of terror throughout US cities and the world, while brilliantly blending a story of love and culture in deadly conflict with religious zeal.
Greg Nelson, Song Writer, Composer and Producer

In the style of Joel Rosenberg, combined with the content of a Michael Crichton, this terrorist thriller grips you from page one through the final countdown. Along the way you’ll find rich character development and intertwining plots. A great read and absolutely worth your time.
Rod Riley, President & CEO Word Entertainment


Congrats to you for a job well done!