With the death of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda appears to be on the verge of collapse. But in the midst of several intentionally failed attacks, al-Qaeda is secretly plotting to unleash a monumental attack so catastrophic it would annihilate western civilization and lead to total Islamic world domination.

Nasi Ahsan, bin Laden’s successor, and his deadly al-Qaeda team are hiding in plain sight all across the United States. From Amish country to Wall Street to the White House, Ahsan’s clandestine network has infiltrated the most powerful and strategic US defenses, leaving America and four other non-Islamic world powers exposed to its deadly assault.

​But what the terrorists aren’t prepared for is Teddy Brewer, a non-assuming Arabic expert in the Department of Homeland Security, and a small group of American patriots who sacrifice their own security in a valiant attempt to save millions of lives—and the American way.

​If successful, the al-Qaeda plan will cripple five major non-Muslim countries and bring the global economy to its knees. The countdown was started prior to their attacks on 9/11 – final detonation time is nearing.

In a series of twists and turns, Deadly Beliefs delivers a stunning thriller that is frighteningly real.