Plot/Story Development

Since Deadly Beliefs is my first attempt at fiction, part of the purpose of this web site and blog will be to share my experiences and chronicle my first dive into the literary world. I have had the desire to write for years. Like a lot of us, I knew I had a novel buried deep inside that I just needed to free. I published a non-fiction instruction book for volunteer youth baseball coaches on how to be a coach, Coaching Made Easier, 2009 Monterrey Press. The most enjoyable part of writing my non-fiction book was the “sidebars” that followed every text book style chapter. These were stories that I had collected from my baseball coaching experiences and the enjoyment came as a result of the creative freedom I experienced in retelling these tales. That fueled my fire for fiction.

I started the process by reading everything I could about writing books. I did this for about six months and finally realized that I needed to start writing. This is my first tip to people with a desire to write – just start. My mood immediately changed as I dived into this experience. My wife and daughter were my first editors and their encouragement was all I needed. As the story developed my circle of readers expanded and the encouragement continued. The enjoyment of the experience changed my mood.

Many writers write from an outline but my method, though not unique, worked well for me. When I began I had a general idea of the storyline but truthfully I didn’t have a clue as to how the story was to unfold. In the style of the authors of my favorite books, I wanted to have short chapters and several character groups. Each day before I started writing I would journal exactly what I wanted to have happen to the various character groups to move the story along. I’d make a “check-off” box and check the items as they entered my storyline. I kept a notepad on my nightstand because ideas for my story would come to me in the middle night. After this happening several times without being able to remember what that brilliant idea was, I placed the notepad. Always have something with you during the day as well since the creative juices may be sparked throughout your day.

As I read about the process and I found many ideas that helped me. I hope to share those ideas with you as you set about your writing experience. Most of these will be presented in my blog. The blog will also include information that I learned during my research into the Muslim religion. I welcome you to join me in this journey. If you like what you read please share it with friends and fellow writers. If you don’t please contact me so I can improve the site. Thanks in advance and happy writing!