Where is the Obama Care Girl?

obamacaregirlIf our president didn’t have enough problems with the roll out of his affordable health care plan and problem-plagued – now the poster girl from the website’s home page has turned up missing. The nation’s news organizations are pounding the pavements to report on the mystery of the home page girl – each with their own tongue-in-cheek explanations and theories.

In addition to not knowing where she is the next big question is about her identity – who is she? Call it a slow news day or whatever but at least it’s giving us a reprise from the democratic/republican battles going on over everything. It seems that both parties are concerned about this Obama Care Girl.

There are numerous theories surfacing on what happened – here are a few:

  • She was the first victim of the death panels.
  • She was thrown under the bus to take the blame for the website.
  • She ran off with the former Facebook guy.
  • She isn’t real and was a composite made by Photoshopping several pieces of images together.
  • She was an al-Qaeda seductress.
  • She’s having plastic surgery to change her identity.
  • She’s a relative of Kathleen Sebelius.
  • She’s Betty Crocker.
  • She’s in hiding until the website is working.
  • She’s moving to a red state that has a functioning state-run exchange.
  • She’s writing a book.
  • She was fired because her website wasn’t functioning.

This all good fun and, as I said above, a welcomed diversion from the seriousness of our government over-spending and their inability to reach a compromise on anything. But the disheartening fact is that’s original contract was granted for $93.7 million. That in itself is a ridiculous number for a website but it gets worse. Estimates now suggest that the price tag is in excess of $678 million and guess what? It still doesn’t work.

Here is a screen shot of my attempt to get on the website moments ago:

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.13.04 AM

 Should we expect it to work for this price tag? What does this say for their management of our health care system if they can’t even launch an effective website at these astronomical prices. If you agree with my thinking please share this blog post with your family and friends. We should all be up in arms with this irresponsible spending of our tax dollars!

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